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College Interview Coaching


An active and experiential coaching process designed to prepare students for their college interview experiences. 


This process provides a grounded experience for students who are:

  • already comfortable articulating themselves and desire real-time practice aimed at expanding their comfort zone


This process is transformational for students who are:

  • timid when talking about themselves & desire more confidence before their interviews

  • resistant to talking about themselves & desire help opening up before their interviews

  • tend to have scattered thoughts & desire the skills to focus before their interviews


Colleges and universities interview prospective students to further their grasp of what a student will bring to their academic and campus community. Ideally, the interview flows like a conversation. Students should prepare themselves by having stories and anecdotes about their values and achievements but be able to toss out the script in favor of flow and authenticity during the interview. It is also critical that students do their homework and bring several in-depth questions to ask the interviewer about the college for which they are interviewing.


A singer-songwriter for twenty years, Kate Callahan has been interviewed on NPR, NBC CT, CBS CT, FOX CT, & The Hartford Courant among other news outlets. In her work as a freelance writer, she has conducted nearly 100 interviews with notable politicians, musicians, scientists, authors, leaders, professors, and entrepreneurs. 


1 Intensive 90 min session (requires 60 mins student prep-work) $185

3 Intensive 60 min sessions (requires 60 mins student prep-work) $375

Visit the contact page to request a session or package.

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