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Helpful Info

Students with a draft can book an Initial Evaluation. Kate will review the draft, mark it up with comments, and create a plan for further sessions based on the level of revision the draft needs. Students with drafts tend to need 1-2 sessions beyond the Initial Eval. 


Students with a “blank page” can book a Brainstorming Session to get started. Kate will help students to open up and explore events, experiences, lessons learned, and transformations in their life by asking prompting questions. A Brainstorming Session will lead to a plan/outline to help students develop & organize their ideas. Additional sessions are available as needed. Students with a “blank page” tend to need 2-4 sessions (including brainstorming) to complete their essay. 


For students needing help with multiple essays (full-length, supplemental) we are here to help manage the task and support teens in creating responses that show the fullest spectrum of themselves academically, socially, and emotionally. 

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