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Testimonial 4

"Any teen who denies the daunting nature of the college essay is either lying or not putting enough effort into the task. Illustrating who you are to an admissions counselor based on a snapshot of your views or past experiences is not easy. Kate Callahan guides you through the process in an eye-opening and exciting way. Working with her, you'll uncover a personal voice for your writing while also learning about yourself. 


Kate's patience and enthusiasm transforms the craft from a difficult chore into a liberating process for those who don't love writing. On the contrary, if you consider yourself the next Maya Angelou or Jack Kerouac, you'll be delighted at the unearthing of new writing techniques never before considered.


They say life is about the journey not the destination; Kate proves the adage wrong. The inspiring journey of writing is only ameliorated by the pride you'll feel once you reach the destination of an honest and extraordinary college essay."



Max Weinstein

Hall High '14

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