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Testimonial 2

"Take a moment and pause your life.  Close your eyes.  Consider the people that you have encountered over the years.  Reflect on those unique individuals that have touched you; nurtured you; positively influenced you; supported and guided you; befriended you; encouraged and challenged you; and finally, truly inspired you.  Let those images settle.  Now open your eyes and meet Kate Callahan.


Kate embodies creativity.  Through her lyrics, guitar and music, she touches people in myriad ways.  For more than a decade, Kate has worked directly with students and helped them explore, discover and connect with their inner, creative voice.  She gently guides students through the writing process with a keen eye on developing personal style.


The college essay can be a daunting task.  Where do you find time to write the essay while trying to balance all of the demands on your time? How do you distinguish yourself from thousands of other students all competing for the same college acceptance?  Kate Callahan is the answer.  A skilled writer, Kate has mastered the craft of writing creative non-fiction.  If you are open to exploring who you truly are, then Kate Callahan is the person to guide you on that journey."


Patrick Gustafson

Assistant Principal

Coginchaug High School


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