Art of the Essay

Our approach emphasizes the student and takes the template out of essay prep

You might use a template to design a postcard or balance a budget but encouraging your teenager's authenticity is ideally nurtured in the care of a uniquely personal tutoring relationship. We find the template aspect of online, essay writing services impersonal. Art of the College Essay works with your teen in person or via virtual platforms to reduce the stress associated with the college application process. With ACE, your teen's confidence, excitement, and authentic voice can emerge.

College Application Essay Tutoring


Templates will set your teen up for mediocre results. Art of the College Essay works with each student, anticipates different learning styles, and ensures every session will draw out her clear writing voice... More

Writing Skill

The Art of the College Essay introduces or refines creative techniques, like inserting dialogue, using personification, or creating suspense to encourage your teen's most engaging writing style... More


Admissions Directors agree that of the thousands of essays that cross their desks each year, thoughtful, creative, and well-crafted essays stand out. A careful revision process leads to outstanding writing. Art of the College Essay will show your teen how to stay motivated through this complex process. 


Kate's in-depth study of the art of the college essay includes fifteen years as Artist-in-Residence in the West Hartford Public Schools. She has interacted with hundreds of students and their writing... More


Kate was awarded and presented on the Art of the College Essay at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) during the spring of 2013 at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse... More


Real World

Kate created a curriculum introducing Creative Nonfiction to teens as a stepping stone toward greater self-awareness, writing technique, and achieving outstanding college application essays. She taught this curriculum at Hall High School in West Hartford, CT. 

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