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What is a college essay? What is the objective?

The college essay is an opportunity for students to showcase an important part of their identity by telling a story or exploring a defining theme. The essay portion college applications gives admissions deans a way to get to know students holistically. Deans are looking to answer the question: Will this student be a good fit for our campus community?

Where can I read more about the coaching process?

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How many sessions will my teen need to complete her/his/their essay?

Students with a draft tend to benefit from 1-2 sessions after the Initial Evaluation of their essay. Students who come to the process with a "blank page" tend to benefit from 3-4 sessions that offer guidance on brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and revision. 

Does Art of the College Essay offer basic editing services? 

The Initial Evaluation of a student's draft provides a level of basic editing. However, we believe a student benefits most when present and engaged in the process, so we recommend at least one additional session after the Initial Evaluation to work, together with Kate, on applying the suggestions made in the Initial Evaluation.


Is essay coaching ethical? 

Yes! Just as a classroom teacher would offer feedback and editing suggestions on a student's essay, Kate offers support and guidance, prompting students to make their own choices as to the content and style of their essay. 

Why hire Kate?

"It’s my job to coach students on accessing what’s innate so they can realize their own strengths as writers and pour those strengths into their essay, so it’s genuine and real. I will help with every step so the final draft is an personal piece of writing refined by compelling word choice, syntax, rhetorical devices, correct grammar, and logical structure."  

How can I get started with Art of the College Essay?

Call/text /email to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with Kate.


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