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"Prior to working with Kate, I had a mess of ideas and bits and pieces of a story. I wanted to make sure that this special aspect of my life got the chance to have its shining moment in one of the most important pieces of writing I have written thus far. I struggled with finding the most concise yet compelling syntax in a way to share with the reader who I really am. With Kate’s help I was able to find those perfect words, and for the first time, after just one formal session, I walked away from a piece of writing feeling satisfied and genuinely proud with the work I had just created. Her comments and suggestions highlighted all of the points of weakness as well as indicated my strengths. I was incredibly pleased with the outcome and left not only with an essay that I can be proud to submit to colleges, but also with new knowledge of my writing process and skills I can use to edit."

- Katherine Manaresi Hall '23

“I had all these ideas of something more that I just couldn’t fully realize on my own, but the guidance I received allowed me to write an essay that truly felt like me.” 

- Will Tonkinson, Conard High School '22, Marist '26

"After working with Kate, I have gained full confidence in my college essay. I discovered my hidden writing capabilities and was able to simultaneously specify and elaborate with every word I chose. Kate helped me find the perfect word I would need to allow me to get my point across without being too verbose. I found my writing voice and the powerful impact that an essay can have in moving someone."

- Mary Clark, Simsbury High School ‘18

"My experience with Art of the College Essay simultaneously improved the clarity of my writing and decreased my stress surrounding the college process as a whole. Because of this service, I had the courage to attempt multiple drafts of my paper and spend the time that my writing really needed. When I felt unsure about adjustments to my paper, I always received prompt suggestions within twenty-four hours that allowed me to make working on my essay an active and constantly evolving project. Most importantly, Kate really made an effort to understand me during the coaching sessions, allowing me the comfort and support to competently express myself and my thoughts in writing."

- Nicholas Serrambana, Classical Magnet School '16

"In my time working with Kate, I was able discover my own voice. She helped me understand where I could improve my writing and display my unique voice in my essay. The tips and questions she provided allowed myself to write with more clarity and description than I could have managed without her."

- Erin Tully, Northwest Catholic High '16

"They say life is about the journey not the destination; Kate proves the adage wrong. The inspiring journey of writing is only ameliorated by the pride you'll feel once you reach the destination of an honest and extraordinary college essay. Any teen who denies the daunting nature of the college essay is either lying or not putting enough effort into the task. Illustrating who you are to an admissions counselor based on a snapshot of your views or past experiences is not easy. Kate Callahan guides you through the process in an eye-opening and exciting way. Working with her, you'll uncover a personal voice for your writing while also learning about yourself. 


Kate's patience and enthusiasm transforms the craft from a difficult chore into a liberating process for those who don't love writing. On the contrary, if you consider yourself the next Maya Angelou or Jack Kerouac, you'll be delighted at the unearthing of new writing techniques never before considered.


They say life is about the journey not the destination; Kate proves the adage wrong. The inspiring journey of writing is only ameliorated by the pride you'll feel once you reach the destination of an honest and extraordinary college essay."

- Max Weinstein, Hall High '14

"Kate showed genuine interest in me as an individual, and demonstrated to me (through her own wonderful poems and songs) how interesting seemingly-mundane details can be. She encouraged me to showcase my unique voice and helped me find beauty, humor, and sentiment in day-to-day life."

- Molly Rosenthal, Hall High '07, Hobart & William Smith '11

"As Ovid and Shakespeare called upon a muse to begin their tales, it was Kate Callahan who offered me inspiration to write poetry.


Through her voice and lyrics, Kate pushed me to write my mighty emotions into words.  When words could not explain my thoughts, she offered her experience as a songwriter to aid me in my quest so that I could piece together my art.


Art, whether it be song, painting or poetry was hopelessly lost on my eyes until a veteran offered a few kind words of support. Sharing what spells, strategies, and secrets she had discovered over her long time in service of a dawning art, Kate recruited a new soldier."

- Roopesh Motiram, Hall High '13, CCSU '16

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